Keiki Tenro

This event is no longer on sale.

Saturday January 21

10:00 AM  –  12:00 PM

Keiki Tenro

Open to participants 8-12 years old

1-session $38 

Limited to 10 participants 

Join Chef Sayuri and her daughter Lea Rose for Keiki TENRO! They will teach children how to make TENRO, a healthy and delicious broth that makes a great home remedy.  The class will include a visit to Kūka‘ō‘ō Heiau and the garden where participants will pick fresh Hawaiian medicinal plants and herbs for the soup.  

TENRO is fun and easy to make and children will feel satisfaction knowing they can help their families by preparing this nutritious broth.  Kids will enjoy learning from cheerful 9 year-old Lea Rose, who has been cooking with her mother for her entire life.  Lea Rose says, mahalo for joining us!

TENRO is a cooking method using all-natural ingredients such as kalo (taro), homegrown sprouted brown rice, hand-collected salt, ryujin ume (Japanese plum), kombu and Hawaiian ogo for restoration of body, mind and spirit.  Join us to learn about this holistic cooking method. 

Sayuri Cockey has been a private chef for 5 years and has owned the restaurant Aisunao in Naoshima, Japan since 2001.  Her clients have come to her for recovery from illness and a healthy diet.  Sayuri grows vegetables and herbs in her organic garden.  She will use these vegetables and herbs as much as possible in the TENRO workshop.  Visit for more information.