Cooking with Chocolate and Koji!

Chef Sayuri Cockey

SAT JUNE 3,  10:00 am -12:00 pm 

1 session - $148 

Join us for a fermented food cooking class taught by Chef Sayuri.  

This time, participants will use handmade koji and 100% chocolate to create delicious and healthful recipes. This is a valuable class, so don't miss it!




Cocoa, or cacao beans are the seeds of a plant in the mallow family.  The pod-like fruits, are 15-30 cm long and 8-10 cm in diameter, each containing 20-60 beans or seeds.  When the cocoa beans are removed from the pod, they are fermented.

 Chocolate contains cacao polyphenols, which have been reported to have anti-oxidant and anti-hypertensive effects.  The scientific name for cacao is "Theobroma", which means "broma (food) of theos" in Greek.  

Also, just like last time, after visiting Heiau at the Manoa Heritage Center, please look forward to herbal dishes made by collecting beautiful medicinal herbs from the garden!



 今回の Chef 沙夕里料理教室では、味噌チョコや手作り塩麹チョコの調味料を使った料理体験と食事をお楽しみ頂けます。また前回と同様、マノアヘリテージセンターのヘイアオに参拝後、庭の美しい薬草を採取して作る薬草料理もお楽しみに!

Fermented medicine + fermented chocolate menu

Class will include one soup and six dishes  一汁六菜

  • Soup (御御御付け)
  • Okazu -  2 dishes made with using homemade koji and 100% chocolate (麹と100%チョコレートを使ったお菜 2品)
  • Medicinal herb okazu (薬草お菜)
  • Koji omelette (麹巻き卵)
  • Sprouted brown rice (発芽玄米)
  • Pickles (御香香)
  • Hawaiian herb tea (薬草茶)
  • Dessert 甘味 

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