Cooking for Health with Chef Sayuri

SAT APR 8, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm 

$115 per person, includes a visit to Kūka‘ō‘ō Heiau and beautiful healthy lunch

Chef Sayuri is back to share 一汁三菜 ichiju sansei (one soup and three dishes). 

It is the foundation of many traditional Japanese meals. The three dishes will usually consist of one main dish and two side dishes, offering endless combinations for a varied meal.


Chef Sayuri will teach participants how to make fermented foods and seasonings like handmade sprouted koji - these simple recipes will boost your confidence in the kitchen. Do you know umami? Fermentation provides this umami flavor.  Fermented foods are delicious and easy to eat, and also improve the health of the intestinal environment.  Incorporating them into your diet will increase your immunity and help you maintain your health.  


Participants will use seasonal ingredients to cook the following menu with Chef Sayuri:


一汁三菜 ichiju sansai (One soup and three dishes)


御御御付け (seasonal soup)

コシヒカリ (koshihikari rice)

手作り豆腐 (Silky aloha tofu)

糀を使ったおかず( Side dishes using koji)

御香香 ( pickles)


ハワイアン薬草茶(Hawaiian herbal tea)

発芽甘糀デザート( sprouted sweet koji dessert)

Sayuri Cockey has been a private chef for 5 years and the owner of the restaurant Aisunao in Naoshima, Japan since 2001. Her clients have come to Sayuri for recovery from illness and a healthy diet. Sayuri grows vegetables and herbs in her organic garden. She will use these vegetables and herbs as much as possible.  Visit for more information. 

This event is no longer on sale.